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Not knowing

Pete Luhn (for once) is not so sure, but he suspects that Roger Marolt is really Todd Coghi. “Not knowing” if Todd is really Roger has perplexed Pete enough that he is willing to pay $500 for Roger to take a lie detector test to prove that Roger is really Roger since Todd pulled a no-show.

I can sympathize with Pete’s anguish of “not knowing” if Roger is really Todd or if Roger is really Roger. I have experienced the same anguish of “not knowing” if Aspen’s youth (ages 10-19) will physically fit in the new 3 1/2-foot leisure pool or in the four half-lanes (28 feet by 36 feet) that $6 million of taxpayers’ dollars is funding for swimming pools at Iselin Park.

Pete Luhn may never know if Roger Marolt is really Roger Marolt or if Todd Coghi is really Roger Marolt, as Roger told Pete to keep the $500, and, instead, for Pete to put on a pair of skis and ski against Roger, or, maybe would it really be Todd that would be skiing against Pete?

But, after watching the youth (ages 10-19) drop into the skateboard park at Rio Grande Park, there is no doubt in my mind that 3 1/2 feet of water is too shallow and half of four lanes (28 feet by 36 feet) is too tiny for youth (ages 10-19) to physically fit in.

“Not knowing” is a terrible thing for anyone, especially for Mr. Luhn. I would highly encourage Mr. Luhn to strap on those skis to find out once and for all if Roger Marolt is really Roger Marolt or if Roger is really Todd Coghi.

My mind is more at ease knowing that, yup, just like I suspected, those youth are just too dang big for the new 3 1/2-foot leisure pool and the 28 feet by 36 feet “open space” in the rectangular pool.

So what time is the ski race?

Toni Kronberg


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