Not just a Snowmass issue |

Not just a Snowmass issue

Dear Editor:For you people that are on the fence or thinking about voting against Base Village, here are some thoughts to challenge you:Why are all these people writing all these letters saying they approve of a smaller base village? There is no smaller base village coming. What they are saying is “we will vote for no change” (which, in this case, clearly means decay). They guess endlessly about the Crowns’ business decisions, and suggest that the “bluff” be called. But everything they say about it is conjecture. In reality, the decision the Crowns have made is that, if the plan is not approved, they will walk away from it and won’t come back with another. This isn’t a threat, or bluff or intimidation. It’s just a business decision (and a damn good one). And, as Jim Light wrote in his excellent column in the Snowmass Sun, their history is consistent with their stated position on this issue. My conjecture is that they would do something more lucrative, less expensive and easier to accomplish. Why keep beating your head against the wall? (But maybe they’re not mean like me!) Still wanna gamble? Still wanna check out the mouth of that gift horse?Why are all these people upset about the Skico campaigning among their employees? There is no arm-twisting, no pressure, no intimidation. Rather, there is no chance of the Skico doing anything about what you choose when you’re in the voting booth. Have the Citizens for Responsible Growth forgotten about the secret ballet? Do they think that employees will be beaten and tortured if they don’t vote right? All the company did was express, with urgency, its point of view – perfectly legal and perfectly ethical. The employees know what a mess Fanny Hill is and they probably don’t even need the prompting.Why are all these people telling new voters they shouldn’t vote on this? A strange position to take in a democracy! Those who have the legal right to vote can and should register and vote their belief. Even if you don’t stay in town long, you can make quite a contribution to our future by voting for this new Base Village. So new voters, don’t let them intimidate you. You have rights here. I would also like to beg you Snowmass voters to think of the whole valley. This is not just a Snowmass issue. It benefits all of us. The lack of a new Base Village will hurt all of us. Your decisions spill outside your village.Could somebody please tell the Skico to change the name to almost anything else but Base Village. I mean what a romantic name! How poetic. For me it evokes the lovely image of a military barracks. It’s almost as clever as “the Mall.” Who names this stuff anyway?Dude! Vote yes!Weems WestfeldtAspen

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