Not in my backyard |

Not in my backyard

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my opinion on Theatre Aspen’s proposed new structure, scheduled for discussion on Jan. 9. More specifically, the idea of building a permanent lobby/ticketing structure and leaving the tent frame up year-round. I live in Oklahoma Flats, directly across the river from the site.

Theatre Aspen adds a great deal to our community and should be supported. On the other hand, the frame is a pretty large and unsightly thing to be left up forever. I have looked at the drawings of the frame with temporary walls, to make it appear less like an unfinished construction site, but that looks even worse to my eye.

The frame is noticeable from my neighborhood but also from the entire park itself and all the adjacent roads and neighborhoods. It is difficult to make an unfinished structure look any other way than unfinished. It simply doesn’t fit. I believe we should avoid leaving the frame up permanently.

I wonder if a compromise could work – build the permanent structure but take down the frame each season. Perhaps the frame could be stored in or adjacent to the structure. Such a solution would preserve the beauty of the park in winter and also make life less expensive and easier for Theatre Aspen with a reduced transportation/ workload. This would seem logical in a park like Rio Grande, with no other permanent structures.

Thanks for reading through this!

Stephen Slade


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