Not happy about the new comments |

Not happy about the new comments

Dear Editor:

Aspen Times management, please, by all means, explain why you have “linked” signing in to Facebook as a necessity for posting comments on the many articles and opinions posted in the paper.

1. Many people, like myself, absolutely hate Facebook and any “social media” (crap) site. Personally I can’t think of a bigger waste of time.

2. Why associate yourself with (a company with) tracking software that sends info all over hell and gone … and has led to suicides, beatings, vandalism and stalkings, as reported in cable news?

3. After over eight months of waiting for the “new and improved” post-comment method in the paper, this is the best you could think of? Without surveying Aspen, no less?

Besides thinking Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s “face”) is not the kind of person I want involved in any aspect of my life, I wonder what “perks” (financially or otherwise) were considered in this design.

I am wholly disgusted that the Times has stooped to this kind of association. Someone should “think again.”

Scott Crow


While we respect readers who disagree with our new comments policies, we want to clarify a couple things based on the allegations from Mr. Crow. One, we conducted an online survey among readers for two months asking for feedback, and used that to help craft our current policy. Two, we have no relationship with Facebook; its comments system is open and free to the public. Lastly, we do not condone violence or allow threats of violence to be posted in our comments. Read the full explanation at

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