Not for happy campers |

Not for happy campers

Well, folks, it seems time to take stock. Time for an examination of the state of the world and the state of our nation. So watch out ? this is not for happy campers.

AIDS is spreading. The rainforest is burning. People are dying. The Middle East is about to explode and baseball may soon be on strike. The stock market sucks, corporate corruption is rampant and we have a Burning Bush in the White House who could well send civilization as we know it into the dust bin of history.

On top of this we are in drought with no sign of nature providing any immediate remedy, and God appears to have no hands.

But cheer up it could be worse. You live in what was once one of the most beautiful places in the world, and except for the rampant growth of second homes, the ridiculous traffic, no place to buy any reasonably priced underwear, too many jewelry stores, knick knack shops and overpriced art galleries, it still is.

And it may even snow this winter. So look at the beautiful fall approaching, dance for snow, ski your asses off, and ignore the state of the world. It does not care about you so do not care about it unless you wish to go insane. Of course, you could march on Washington.

J.M. Heininger

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