Not dead yet |

Not dead yet

Dear Editor:

What a shock to visit The Aspen Times online edition Sunday evening, as I do daily, click on obituaries under the Community section, and see under the second obit,

“Tony Vagneur: Saddle Sore.”

“Not Tony,” I groaned. “Did he die of a saddle sore? Or is that his epithet? I’m not through reading his columns, and he’s not finished writing them. This can’t be.”

Thank goodness the column was merely misplaced. As I read last week’s musing on preserving what little remains of “old Aspen” at the base of 1A, I hoped to see a plea to save the 1A lift shack/ticket office/patrol room, perhaps rebuild it, pictures of Darcy and all, as a shrine to a bygone era. There must be room on the Marolt property. Alas, I know the outdated structure will soon be gone with the rest of the historical buildings remaining in the neighborhood, replaced with classy, timeless, contemporary structures to match today’s Aspen image.

But Tony remains, and I can read him every Saturday and reminisce about “the Aspen vision of old.” Keep up the good work, Tony. You can’t be replaced.

Tamie Meck


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