Not ‘conventional wisdom’ |

Not ‘conventional wisdom’

Dear Editor:

Nice article on the GrassRoots TV board’s decision (“GrassRoots TV nixes controversial film,” Oct. 16) … but I think the journalist mis-spoke when he wrote:

“But after prescreening the film, which questions conventional wisdom about the Holocaust, GrassRoots TV board members stopped the airing, pending further debate.”

The Holocaust is the most-researched event in the history of humanity. It isn’t about “conventional wisdom.” It is about universal fact backed up by photos, reports, the testimony at the Nuremberg trials and the Nazis’ own records. This misanthropes may have revisionist ideas for some other agenda is a different story.

A few years ago, there was a cult that believed that if they all died together in a suicide pact, they could be resurrected on the comet passing earth. (Yes, people believed this!) Are those who do not embrace this foolishness believing in “conventional wisdom”?

David J. Kudish

Aspen and Chicago

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