Not buying it |

Not buying it

Dear Editor:

The key to selling a good “story,” or a lie, is to repeat your “story” over and over and over, actually saying very little, until you bore the public’s appetite for the truth to death.

It’s obvious Aspen School District Superintendent John Maloy did not get that memo.

Maloy’s latest, according to The Aspen Times, makes me wonder how he ever survived in politics (in Washington, D.C.) as long as he did.

According to the Times editorial, and I quote: “Details surrounding Art Abelmann’s exit last month are scant. He did not address the high school’s student body publicly about his departure, though Aspen School District Superintendent John Maloy says he was given several opportunities to do so but declined.”

John Maloy’s pants must be on fire after that statement. Just take a moment and think through the entire way this has played out. Does anyone believe Art would not pick door No. 1 and address the student body? Instead, according to Maloy, he took door No. 2 and drove off in the middle of the night. Who’s kidding whom?

I would suggest Maloy tied Art’s hands behind his back in the settlement agreement, forcing him to leave without addressing the student body – but I’m just guessing.

So, while I have not done my old “heartwarming” TV show for a few years, I would resurrect it to interview John Maloy and anyone he wants to bring along for backup. Now, I’ve been known to be a “bit” confrontational in my questioning, so if Maloy is willing to tell the truth, I am offering him an opportunity to put this issue to rest. Somehow I doubt I will be dusting off my bell.

Finally this, the more John Maloy talks – the more it is obvious to me the wrong guy left town.

Andrew Kole


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