Not asking a lot

Dear Editor:I recently wrote a letter to the sports editor of your newspaper, and I was informed of your policies on articles for prep sports. The Aspen Skiers freshman basketball team are undefeated this season, 10-0! These boys have worked really hard and proved to be a winning force on the court.I am just asking for a little recognition and kudos from our “community” newspaper. I am not asking for a full-page ad, just a nice little blurb in the sports section. I am not asking for play-by-play coverage of the games, just a nice little blurb in the sports section. I am not even asking for pictures, just a nice little blurb in the sports section.I can appreciate your polices; we all must have them. This is such a small community as well as a small paper, and I enjoy reading The Aspen Times every day. Instead of placing articles about midlife sexuality in the community news, how about recognizing our youth instead? Just a thought!Feni RicardAspen


Professional dancers return to Aspen to perform in ‘The Nutcracker’

Roaring Fork Valley natives Emily Ridings and Nikki Ferry have come full circle when it comes to dance. Both studied dance with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (ASFB) as kids, continued their training with other prominent schools, and now return this weekend, as ASFB presents “The Nutcracker” at Aspen District Theater.

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