Not anti-Burlingame |

Not anti-Burlingame

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to Aspen City Councilwoman Rachel Richards and the City of Aspen.)I would like to request once again that elected council member Rachel Richards read the two initiative petitions being circulated in Aspen. As one of the circulators of the initiative petitions, I once again will state that these two initiative petitions are not “anti-Burlingame” as Councilwoman Richards has campaigned in her elected position as City Council member, a member of the HOPE group, in numerous letters to the editor and in various news articles.Both initiative petitions are simply asking voters to put on the May ballot the following questions so that voters have a choice – “yes” or “no” – if they want the ordinance to take effect.The first initiative asks voters if they want to vote on certain affordable housing projects.The second initiative asks voters to approve what the city can agree to in pre-annexation agreements.Simple questions. There is nothing anti-Burlingame in either petition as council member Richards has lobbied. The right to petition without interference and confusion of subject matter is a fundamental constitutional, state and municipal right.Please be put on notice that despite my repeated attempts to educate Councilwoman Richards about the subject matter of the two petitions, Ms. Richards has chosen to confuse the voters and willfully interfere and campaign these two petitions as being “anti-Burlingame.”It is my sincere hope that Councilwoman Richards will follow the lead of the Aspen Skiing Co. when the Skico was faced with the reality of a referendum on Base Village in Snowmass Village. The Skico did not tell registered voters not to sign the petitions, nor did the Skico try to confuse the issue.The Skico went to business to try to convince registered voters why they should vote. I recommend that when the time comes for a referendum on “anti-Burlingame,” that would be the legal time for Councilwoman Richards to campaign against “anti-Burlingame.” These initiative petitions are not “anti-Burlingame” as Councilwoman Richards has campaigned.I ask that Councilwoman Richards quit messing with the subject matter of our petitions. It is my job as a volunteer circulator to let registered voters read the petition so they understand the subject matter. I am bound by election law not to confuse the subject of a petition. These petitions are not “anti-Burlingame.”Toni KronbergAspen

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