Not all Republicans are rich |

Not all Republicans are rich

Dear Editor:

As Co-Chair of the McCain Campaign in Pitkin County, I was appreciative of your paper’s balanced coverage of John McCain’s visit to Aspen last week.

However, I would like to comment on a myth expressed by an onlooker quoted in your paper. This gentleman suggested that McCain supporters are second homeowners, many of whom came into town on private jets.

The myth of the fat cat Republican does not hold up to scrutiny. At one time, the Republican Party was in fact the party of the wealthy, but all the polls today show that the Democratic Party is made up primarily of wealthy elites and the poor, while the Republican Party is primarily the party of the middle class.

Based on my experience in Pitkin County, this is true. Locals supporting John McCain come from every walk of life. We are small business owners and employees, construction workers, housekeepers, and members of various professions. Yes, some of us are well-to-do, but whether wealthy or not, we are mostly hardworking Americans. We also appreciate the contributions of second homeowners (whether Democrat, Republican or Independent) to our local economy and vibrant cultural life, and we welcome the support of second homeowners who intend to vote for our candidate. And by the way, most of us fly commercial.

Frieda Wallison

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