Not all black and white |

Not all black and white

Dear Editor:Sue says Israeli bulldozers are destroying people’s only homes. She just happens not to mention the Israeli policy for bulldozing the homicide bomber’s family’s home after their son just blew up a bus in Haifa with mostly children on the way to school, which killed 11. (One of those kids was my cousin’s 12-year-old son.) Unfortunately, this was the only son he had, which cannot be replaced like a house.You wrote: As a result (of the Israelis), serious distress prevailed in the Arab sector … including poverty, unemployment, a shortage of land, serious problems in the education system and substantially defective infrastructure.Maybe if Arafat (remember him?) didn’t steal an estimated $3 billion to $5 billion, which was donated for Palestinian infrastructure by the Saudis, the E.U. and many others including the United States and used it for his people, things could have been quite different. His wife gets $22 million a year for the rest of her life (she lives in Paris). He did use some of this money on education, teaching kids to aspire to be a shahed (homicide bomber). Teaching children hate, lies and deception seems like child abuse to me. The Fatah branch of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Islamic Jihad did contribute to the economy in the amount of up to $10,000 to the homicide bomber’s family. The economy was better, of coarse, when Saddam was also paying $25,000. The family can buy another house and have money left over. You write Israel’s genocidal actions against the Palestinians should be condemned by the Jewish community. The Jewish community might understand that the Israelis have been fighting to survive since day one, and that the Palestinians” political groups don’t want to coexist but still call for the destruction of Israel. Would Israel build the anti-suicide barrier if there were no suicide bombings? I wouldn’t call Sue Gray anti-Semitic. I would say she is always very one-sided, close-minded, prejudiced and ignorant. For having the last name of Gray she sees everything very black and whiteJerome MarksEmma

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