Not about the bike |

Not about the bike

Dear Editor:Last Saturday, Andy and I had the pleasure of participating in the first Aspen/Snowmass Ride for the Cure 100. We were blessed with spectacular weather, but more importantly a group of volunteers that were beyond being great.They were all over the place. They helped to feed and water us, make sure we had whatever we needed, helped to fix our bikes if required, hold traffic back so we could cross highways or streets safely, and in addition to all of that, cheered us on with every pedal stroke of the 100-mile course.No event of this type would ever happen if it were not for the people who chose to volunteer their time and ask for nothing in return.Nor would this ride have taken place had it not been for the people on the steering committee and all of the other people who worked so very hard and long behind the scenes that we never even got to meet to say thanks for all your efforts.Although Andy and I were the last to finish, we were greeted by yet more volunteers as though we had been the first to ride under the arch of pink balloons at the finish line. There we found more volunteers with food, music and even a great group of massage therapist donating their time to ease our tired bodies.Having never participated in a ride of this type, we had no idea of what to expect. What we found, as Lance Armstrong said, “It’s not about the bike.” It is about people, commitment and hope.There are really no words that can fully express how very much we both appreciate all that it took to organize and execute an event of this type and to do it with such success for the very first time.What we can let you know is how grateful we are that we were able to say that we were a part of it.Again, thanks for a job well done!Bobbi CarsonAndy MelegAspen