Not a very peaceful nature trail |

Not a very peaceful nature trail

Dear Editor:I couldn’t agree more with RFTA that we need both a nature trail and a bike trail. I just don’t believe the two are compatible in the same 10-foot width. The Rio Grande corridor through Rock Bottom Ranch would make an ideal nature trail if left somewhat primitive. Does anyone really believe this could be any sort of nature trail with hundreds of commuters and exercisers using this same narrow space?Take all the existing traffic from the frontage road north of this “nature trail,” cram it into a 10-foot width, and try to tell me you haven’t created an unsafe traffic situation for any curious children wanting to learn about nature. It certainly won’t be a carefree chasing of butterflies or even the opportunity to get down on all fours to follow the progress of an interesting beetle. It will be more like “Watch out, Bobby! Stay close, Suzy! You kids quit watching the bugs and pay attention to traffic!”RFTA’s efforts to accommodate everyone’s needs through this one corridor will result in a terrible waste of wildlife habitat, a ruined nature trail, and still no reasonable year-round option for bicyclists. They’re accomplishing the worst possible scenarios for all their theoretic goals.If RFTA is incapable of getting trails where they need to be, maybe they should just hold off long enough to let us try for ourselves. They have a perfect nature trail right now. Leave it this way for a year and let us try to get a usable trail before they make this more difficult by paving their counterproductive one.John TolanGlenwood Springs