Not a plan for normal workers |

Not a plan for normal workers

Dear Editor:

(Re: “The elimination of free parking on the horizon,” Feb. 21)

I understand the city trying to get people to quit driving into town as much. I understand the city is trying to make more money to be used for other projects. What I don’t understand is what they are planning to do for those of us who must drive every day.

On any given day I might have to drive to all four mountains to pick up and deliver supplies for my business. I need my truck here to do that. I can’t carry everything I need by hand and onto a bus. I would take up four rows of seats. I currently have an “ABCD” business pass that my company bought for me. What will happen to those areas if the city goes forward with any of their plans?

I would take the bus from Glenwood on days when I didn’t need my vehicle, but it isn’t affordable. My roommate and I work together and therefore ride together. It would cost us $48 to get upvalley and back for two days. It is cheaper than that to drive, even in a vehicle that gets 16 miles per gallon on a good day. RFTA’s “Season Pass” is great, if you have $600 to shell out at once. I know when I first got here, I couldn’t afford $600 up front for a bus pass, plus first/last/deposit to get a place to live. Until the city comes up with a plan that will suite the people who work in this town and make it run, I don’t think they really can change things.

Jon Campbell

Glenwood Springs

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