Not a foregone conclusion |

Not a foregone conclusion

In deciding whether war with Iraq is in the interest of the United States, please answer the following.

1. Has the Bush administration presented evidence that Saddam Hussein poses a direct threat to the United States?

2. Specifically, has it presented evidence that Iraq possesses weapons, nuclear, biological or otherwise, that could be used against the United States, and that Saddam Hussein intends to so use them?

3. Will waging war on Iraq ensure that a friendlier, more democratic government will take Saddam’s place?

4. Will it reduce the threat to U.S. citizens posed by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda?

5. Will it further the U.S. war against terrorism generally; i.e., will it make U.S. citizens at home and abroad safer?

6. Will it improve our standing, and thus our ability to influence and work with, our allies? With our enemies?

7. Will war create greater stability in the Middle East region, upon which we depend for oil?

8. Will war with Iraq help our economy?

9. Specifically, will the war’s estimated cost of $1 billion per day stimulate our economy? Reduce the growing budget deficit?

10. Is the certainty of American servicemen and women dying in battle acceptable?

11. Will war with Iraq give you greater peace of mind?

If you have answered “no” to most or all of these questions, please let your voice be heard ? war need not be a foregone conclusion.

Karin Teague


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