Nonrenewable energy abounds |

Nonrenewable energy abounds

Dear Editor:In response to Russ Decker’s Nov. 3 letter on alternative energy sources, Mr. Decker mainly has the right idea when he says:”Can’t we start thinking of America first? Is it beyond us to think that there is a future of creating jobs and sending less money offshore by developing renewable energy sources?”Except he needs to include the vast amount of nonrenewable energy right here in the Rocky Mountain West; that dwarfs any renewable source. According to a 2005 Rand Corp. research paper prepared for the Department of Energy, in the western United States there are 1.5 trillion barrels of oil in oil shale, of which 800 billion are recoverable. That is more than three times the proven reserves in Saudi Arabia and enough to keep us energy independent for the next 400 years. Shell oil says it can be competitive, in-situ, at around $25 per barrel and be significantly less damaging to the environment, too.In addition, the United States has huge coal resources that could economically be converted to a form of crude oil, as the Germans did in World War II. Coal costs 15 cents to provide the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline at around $3 (20-to-1advantage). The Canadians have tar sands that represent even more resources on the North American continent. It is obvious that out of a false fear of global warming or a death wish of some sort we chose to send trillions in oil money to Muslim countries to finance our own demise. This needs to stop. We have the resources to do it!Mike MasonCedaredge, Colo.

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