Nonprofits need community support |

Nonprofits need community support

As a representative of the Science Outreach Center, I attended a meeting with other nonprofit groups and the Pitkin County Commissioners last week.

The commissioners had asked us to come to talk about the impacts that cutting nonprofit contributions would have on our programs and to explain their financial position.

I feel the commissioners are doing all they can to continue funding organizations like the Science Outreach Center, JASON project, Healthy Mountain Communities, Independence Pass, Aspen High School Project Graduation, Aspen Historical Society, Aspen Wilderness, and KAJX – to name a few.

We need to understand that the small investment they make to such organizations brings the community many, many times the amount in services that make this one of the best communities in the nation. But there is not enough money and the commissioners have and must make some difficult cuts.

As you may be aware, if you have ever worked for a nonprofit, every dollar makes a difference and there are no discretionary funds available when times are hard.

Nonprofits cannot increase their prices, as a regular business can, so the result in most cases is to cut back on programs, a difficult thing to do when more people need our programs each year.

I would like to encourage everyone to take a look at the incredible benefits we all receive from the nonprofit groups in the valley, and find a way to help.

The commissioners said that the amount of funding they give is barely $10 a person per year. They would like to be able to give $20 per person per year.

This is not an unreasonable amount of money when you look at it in these terms and consider the wealth of the valley. They are considering going to the voters for a tax increase this year. While everyone hates the idea of more taxes, remember if the county isn’t funded, the nonprofits can’t be funded and services must be cut.

These economic times are hard, but please look into the increase Pitkin County is asking for, and if you can afford to, please answer our requests for funding. We truly need each and every dollar we raise and, speaking for the Science Outreach Center, I can promise you each and every dollar you give is used effectively.

Linda Singer Froning

Executive Director,

Science Outreach Center

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