Nomination period still open for annual ‘Best of’ Aspen & Snowmass’

Staff report

Since opening up the nomination period for the annual “Best of Aspen & Snowmass,” more than 5,500 people, places or things have been entered.

The Aspen Times and Snowmass Sun are taking nominations for our annual “Best of Aspen & Snowmass” contest.

Who is the Best Volunteer? The Best Apres Hangout? Where is the Best Margarita in Snowmass? The Best Workout Class in Aspen?

Last year we had more than 42,000 votes cast. If you think you’re the best, your business is the best, your friend is the best — make sure to nominate them.

To ensure we have a fair competition, this year’s “Best Of” is split into two phases, nomination and voting.

Only the top 10 most nominated people and businesses make it on the official voting ballot for Best of Aspen and Snowmass — think of it as the primaries. The nomination process is a blind write-in.

So far, more than 850 people have logged in and made nominations.

Our online platform streamlines nominations and allows users to have their say without the influence of previous entries.

Visit to nominate your favorites in Aspen and Snowmass. Nominations are being accepted through Sept. 6.

After the nominees are vetted and tallied, voting will start Sept. 9 and run through Sept. 23.

Keep a look out for a Best of Aspen and Snowmass special publication coming in October.

But for now … nominate early, nominate often.