No way out |

No way out

Dear Editor:I fully agree with the principle of sending cars westbound out of Cemetery Lane to the roundabout, but if there is a constant stream of traffic westbound out of town, it is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF CEMETERY LANE. I wonder if you people in the ivory tower of government considered the problem of breaking into the constant stream of westbound traffic during rush hour?I think the solution is a catastrophe. Lots of high-end homes out that way, wouldn’t you say, with an extremely large tax base, who are now more inconvenienced than ever. Going under the bridge and into town is the only solution, but those nice people in the West End are going to complain even louder now about traffic on West Smuggler.How about considering our plight out on Cemetery Lane and McLain Flats Road? You really have to let us get out somehow!Mead MetcalfAspen


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