No Village, no way |

No Village, no way

Dear Editor:

I have met too many people who know nothing more about the Village at Crystal River proposal than its offer of a new City Market and highway improvements. Many have been led to believe that these amenities can not materialize without the Village being approved. No, no, no – not true!

Current commercial zoning on the Village parcel already allows for the construction of a new grocery store as well as other commercial and retail uses! However, Mr. Schierberg is asking for a zoning change from commercial to planned unit development in order to add residential uses, higher buildings and more density than the current zoning allows.

Highway 133 improvements are slated for 2013 regardless of whether the Village is approved or denied! The Colorado Department of Transportation has earmarked $5 million for Highway 133 improvements with $500,000 of that from the town (already collected and in our coffers). An approval of the Village would simply affect the timing and design of improvements.

And by the way, don’t let anyone convince you that without the Village being approved, property taxes will be raised. Some nasty governments around the world have historically used the tactic of pitting people against one another and instilling fear in them in order to weaken and control them. Let’s not succumb to similar attempts here, not by government but rather by developers. Proposed property tax increases must be put to a vote of the people for approval or denial!

Our choices are only as good as our information, and unfortunately, there has been a glaring lack of accurate information as well as blatant misinformation being disseminated about this development proposal in hopes of convincing the public that it would greatly benefit our town. We do not have to approve the Village proposal with its 1 percent public improvement fee, unrealistic retail sales growth and sales tax revenue projections, supposed jobs creation, outmoded automobile-oriented suburban mall design, token lowest level of green building, etc., to have a new grocery store and Highway 133 improvements. Just vote “no” on the Village in its present form!

Laurie Loeb


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