No two-state solution |

No two-state solution

Dear Editor:

The time has come to call for an end to all talk of the so-called “two-state solution” in Palestine. Here’s why:

In 1861, a confederation of our southern states beginning with South Carolina decided to secede from the Union. This two-state solution had as its president Jefferson Davis. The president of the Union, Abraham Lincoln, had another idea. And over the next four years, much blood and treasure was expended to achieve the single-state solution which has lasted now for 143 years. (Before that time the United States were referred to as “they” and after that time the United States was referred to as “it.”) Of, for, and by the People of the Untied States of America. Not Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. It works pretty well.

I have never understood how our country, which is entirely based on a single-state solution, could espouse as its official policy for Palestine the two-state solution which it so resoundingly rejected for itself just 143 years ago. Perhaps the time has come to begin to call for something like a United States of the Middle East wherein no political exceptionalism of ANY KIND will be allowed ” including Saudi Arabia. This will, no doubt, take generations to accomplish as it has in Europe, but the way to begin is not with two-state solutions based on ethnicity and religion.

At the end of the 19th century, a congress of European Zionists dispatched a couple of wise rabbis to Palestine to see if it would indeed be a suitable place for a Jewish homeland. They sent a telegram back to their friends in Europe which read simply, “The bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man.”

The cat is now out of the bag.

James Breasted


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