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No turkey?

Dear Editor:In The Aspen Times on Sunday, Nov. 20, was a letter from Andrew Torelli that was almost as funny as the so-called “Republican Debates”. His letter was about the tradition of turkey on Thanksgiving being replaced by a “tofurky”!Andrew, you want to replace hand-me-down recipes from many families’ grandmothers with tofu – you must be kidding! How do you stuff tofu or make a delicious drumstick from tofu? Most of the sides you mention are standard for turkey dinners in most dining rooms and I hope you use rich, thick whipped cream on your pumpkin pie! Seeing that Thanksgiving is only one day a year who cares about saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones with all the wonderful tasting food on the table that are real! With the name of Torelli, you must be Italian like my son-in-law, so where is the pasta with butter on top?Andrew, if you want a real Thanksgiving dinner, go to the Hickory House and enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner with many other Aspenites and taking part in a tradition that was started many years ago by a wonderful and thoughtful man. I hope you run out of tofu before Christmas, Andrew, and I wish happy holidays to you and yours!Chris TessemBasalt