No tolerance for illegals |

No tolerance for illegals

Dear Editor: In the Dec. 26 “Employers say immigrants fill critical economic niche,” contractor Mark Gould states: “It’s hypocritical for any business hiring Hispanics to say they can do without illegals, because there’s no way of knowing.”I think it’s high time here to separate identity politics from this economic equation. An illegal alien is illegal and should be hunted and deported immediately. Any advocacy group harboring or abetting illegals – a federal crime, by the way, that big-business stooge George Bush chooses to ignore – should be prosecuted. That a laborer speaks Spanish or Russian or English at home should have no bearing on an ethos to treat all American laborers fairly and encourage the highest wage possible to build stronger American families with more children being born.Illegals and the greedy employers who feed off of them are ruining society.The only way to know how well we can do without an excessive amount of aliens, how well we can do without the welfare and criminal costs associated with an overdiluted labor pool, is to enforce immigration laws today. More of us may have to start picking our own strawberries on Sunday afternoons.Peter HrycenkoAllentown, Pa.

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