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No to Gems

Dear Editor:

Maybe someone should contact the state of Colorado and tell them to stop advertising Colorado as America’s playground. According to some Hidden Gems supporters, that is materialistic, myopic and self-centered! Is it really short-sighted to appreciate, utilize, sustain and promote our beautiful state and all its natural resources? Is it materialistic for our communities to benefit from the tourism dollars generated by folks coming to visit these great lands? I think not.

Colorado is one of the most diverse, beautiful, ecologically rich states in the nation and should be celebrated and shared. Colorado’s national forests should also be preserved. Wilderness designation actually hinders preservation, as improvement to prevent forest loss or injury is almost impossible due to limited forest access and the inability to utilize cost-effective maintenance tools and equipment. Our national forests are public land and are meant for public use, nothing perceived about it.

Wilderness shuts the majority of people and uses out. Say “no” to Hidden Gems so we may continue to protect and enjoy our national forests.

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

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