No tall tales with Udall |

No tall tales with Udall

Dear Editor:

I am a classroom storyteller in the Roaring Fork Valley public schools. After I tell a story to an elementary school class, often a young listener will raise a hand and ask, “Is that story true?” Mind you, this happens no matter how fanciful the story may be: a raven rolling a lake up like a carpet and flying away with it, or a giant snake encircling the campsite of four Lakota hunters as they sleep. “Is that story true?”

When I first began hearing the outrageously bizarre and sinister negative TV ads against Mark Udall that started running months ago, I thought of those gullible children. I could imagine some watchers actually asking themselves, “Is that story true?” So I did a little online research about the sources of those ads. All were paid for by ultra-conservative organizations (like “Club for Growth”), gas and oil business coalitions (e.g., “American Energy Alliance”), or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (which is never the friend of anything small).

Mark Udall is well known throughout Colorado’s Western Slope as a man of good character and an authentic Westerner. Like Coloradan John Salazar in the U.S. House of Representatives, Udall has shown commendable balance in recognizing the pragmatic need to develop Colorado’s lucrative natural resources, while maintaining sensible controls.

Though Udall’s opponent, Bob Schaffer, came off as somewhat vitriolic and befuddled in their televised debate, at least his own campaign-sponsored ads have not repeated those far-fetched fabrications. Which is a good thing, since vitriol is the last thing we need more of in American politics. Or in Washington.

So now we need to show the deep-pocketed special interest groups that a seat in the U.S. Senate cannot be bought with money or with tall tales that are contrary to common sense.

Brenda Stern


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