No surprise there |

No surprise there

Some fun quotes from Mayor Klanderud:

May 9, Aspen Daily News: “I love this town, I love the voters in this town.”

She didn’t just mean the now infamous 49-vote margin either; no, she meant all 927 votes that put her on the mayoral throne back in ’01. I am left to wonder how much love she has for the 1,162 voters who said yes to Burlingame.

June 6, Aspen Daily News: “I’m aware there’s a lot of people who didn’t vote for me,” she said. “It might take time to get their support. … But you don’t demand trust, you earn it.”

Wow, too easy! Yes, it might take time indeed. … geologic time!

Aug. 15, Aspen Daily News: (In reference to the mayor saying she does not feel the media is representing the sentiment of the public at large.) “They’re not the same. The personal calls and e-mails I’ve gotten and the people I’m running into on the street have all supported my decision. It’s the newspapers that are apparently very unhappy.”

So, ahhh, let me think a minute. All 1,162 voters who said yes to Burlingame, ahhh, work for the paper? No, you couldn’t have possibly meant that.

Help me out here, I’m just a silly citizen voter that ain’t too smart. I will concede that I am somewhat dismayed at the lack of response from said voters. But being off-season and all, maybe they are scrambling for new seasonal housing.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I am the editorial cartoonist for the Aspen Daily News. The opinions expressed in those scribbles are strictly my own.

I’ve been drawing cartoons for several years now and on only two occasions have I been fortunate enough to have the perfect dialogue provided verbatim by the individuals unlucky enough to end up in one of my cartoons.

The first involved the four local teenaged snow sliders who embarked on an out-of-bounds ski adventure one hot March afternoon. The massive avalanche that obliterated their tracks minutes after they dropped in was not the surprise. The surprise was that (thankfully) they lived to ski and board another day.

When asked about it days later by a reporter, one of the individuals involved replied, “Like, yeah, some snow slid. Whatever.” Youthful indiscretion AND bravado. Perfect.

Which leads us to our final fun quotes from the mayor. So put down the stem wear, stub out that butt and listen up.

And I quote, “I said I would support the voters, but as time goes on … ” and “Over time I guess we’re all allowed to change our mind.” These two precious politico quotes were featured in my most recent cartoon on Sept. 13, verbatim, courtesy of the mayor.

Misleading the public? Changing your mind? No. C’mon, we’re all adults here. You lied to get elected. And just like that avalanche, no surprise there.

Steven R. Williams


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