No such thing as a quick fix |

No such thing as a quick fix

Dear Editor:

Well fans, Fox (lying) News is at it again. They put on a “dog and pony” show this past Sunday.

They conducted a “scripted” interview with some obscure Congressman, Tom Cole, R-Okla.

Good ol’ Tom performed well. He trashed the five-month old stimulus plan, blamed unemployment on Obama, and said many “nasties” about Congress.

He says the Republicans only want one thing: to solve the mess Bush left. Guess what? You’re right!

Lower taxes for the rich. Lower Capital Gains taxes and income taxes.

Sounds like the Bush failed policies. Same old, same old.

Why do the Republicans want to keep discrediting themselves. Maybe it’s because they can’t hide from the eight years of screw-ups (take the Iraq “fraud” war, for example) by Cheney (what a liar!) and Bush.

By the way fans, the stimulus plan is designed to be effective over three years, not overnight.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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