No snooty memorial for Hunter |

No snooty memorial for Hunter

Dear Editor:Let’s have a big, ugly and nasty party for Dr. Thompson!I also believe that some sort of thing should happen sooner than later to celebrate Hunter’s life. I understand that all the Hollywood stars and good friends should have their thing, but what about the rest of us? I never got to meet the man, but just because I am not Johnny Depp doesn’t mean I don’t want to be involved in some sort of thing.The world has become so closed and concentrated on celebrities, I know this is another issue, but the rest of the world was also affected by his suicide. Hunter would have preferred a big party to a brown-nosing event of celebrities. He was a mammoth of an artist and deserves a party with anyone and everyone who wants to go to Aspen. It should not be closed and invite only – how snooty – so let’s go Aspen, lets do it!Mike PetrovichSan Diego, Calif.

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