No shame in a Coke-sized mistake |

No shame in a Coke-sized mistake

To: Editor

From: Lisa Yorker, Denver

Re: The Aspen Times

I am driven to throw in my two cents regarding the new nameplate of The Aspen Times. The “big blocky letters” that you refer to are what is known as branding. It is a familiar nameplate that is known and loved. It has the distinct feel of something that has endured, while all else in the town changes. It is as cool and funky as the building that has housed the paper. Why do you think the “other paper” has their pseudo Ye Olde Fonte? To give the appearance of having been around since the old days.

Think of the Coca-Cola corporation … they have NEVER changed their logo and they are the most recognized brand in the world. While I do not defend the large multi-national company, at least they admit their mistakes. Even though “New Coke” cost them a bundle, they realized the error of their ways and went back to business as usual. Please reconsider this bland choice you have made.

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