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No river monopoly

I would like to clear up my views toward the merger of Blazing Adventures and Riff Raft. I do not feel that Blazing Adventures has a “monopoly” on the Roaring Fork River or any other river. As far as I know, there is not a river anywhere in the United States where there is only one commercial river outfitter.

Since my company, Up Tha Creek Expeditions, is permitted on the Roaring Fork, along with Ajax White Water, I obviously don’t feel that Blazing Adventures has a monopoly.

As matter of fact, due to an already large number of people using the Roaring Fork, commercial and private alike, I feel that the outfitters should be limited to existing outfitters, as a company owner and private boater.

There are certain sections of certain rivers where a person may possess multiple permits, while other companies that have been in business for some time are not allowed to obtain a permit. This is not the case on the Roaring Fork River. My personal feeling is that Bob Harris, owner of Blazing Adventures, works very hard at providing a quality experience for everybody, and I cannot think of a better person to be in charge of Blazing Adventures and Riff Raft. We work together on many river issues; he respects my opinion and I respect his as well.

Even though I feel differently on some permit issues in other areas, I also feel that in no way does Blazing Adventures have a “monopoly” on any river. We all try to work together to bring a quality experience to the people of the Roaring Fork Valley and visitors alike, and if my words reflected anything other than my true thoughts, I apologize to Blazing Adventures, The Aspen Times and the readers.

Rick Covington


Up Tha Creek