No reduced sentence, please |

No reduced sentence, please

Dear Editor:We, the family, has just been informed that there has been request for a reduction in the sentence of the killer of Josanna Morningstar Reece, murdered by a drunk driver Jan. 1, 2005.The family and friends must say “NO!” and strongly object to any reduction or changes to the sentence given by Judge James Boyd in this most serious matter of homicide. His sentence was fair and clear and should be adhered to. Let the court know if you agree.Josanna left us this entry in her journal. She loved and was well loved. We honor her.What a beautiful day!The glow of the changing leaves as the sun shines down on them,The smell of fall surrounding my worldThe good feeling of having so many beautiful friends,The happiness in my animals eyesOH! What a beautiful day!- Josanna Morningstar Reece, journal entry in October 2001Janelle Honer, Stephen Shaffer, Douglas Shockley,Melodye Moore and her extended familyKapoho, Hawaii and Redstone

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