No one’s better than Mick |

No one’s better than Mick

Dear Editor:

In deciding who our next mayor should be, each of us needs to first determine the most important long-term issue facing Aspen. For me, that is easy ” limiting the height and mass of new buildings in order to preserve the historic small-town scale of Aspen. If we lose what makes Aspen so appealing to all of us, we lose everything.

Mick Ireland has the demonstrated ability to stand up to developers whose proposed projects are too large for our town. It takes nerve and strength to do that. Right behind that issue is employee housing. Aspen’s soul is the people who work here. For all of its problems, employee housing continues to be critical to Aspen’s future, and no one can provide better leadership in that area than Mick Ireland.

I am thankful that he is running.

Joe Myers