No one is alone |

No one is alone

Dear Editor:With the passing of my husband, Robin, three weeks ago, life has veered all over the map for myself and our two kids. The road we trod for the 17 months of his illness was so tough and filled with so many obstacles at each turn that I can’t image how anyone can maneuver this highway alone.We here in this valley, from Aspen down to Glenwood, have something that is so precious and so rare – that being an interconnected community with heart and passion and care. We live and nurture each other much like a grove of aspen trees. No one is alone here. I’ve read so many letters in the newspaper from grateful citizens giving praise and thanks to those who helped them through a difficult time or tragedy. May I join my voice with them to sing the praises of the humanity that abounds here? From the din of a colorless moment in time I have re-awakened to all the shades, hues and brush strokes of the masters – those friends, family and even strangers who draw from their hearts and give of themselves in the most simple, basic and cherished of ways. Through all of you, bright colors are emerging back onto my canvas, helping my children and me regain our balance, momentum and direction.May I say thank you from the three of us, with all the depth, breadth and richness conveyed by the meaning of those words to everyone who helped, who gave and loved us.I have been asked multiple times if there is a foundation to donate something to in Robin’s name; we would like to call out the Independence Pass Foundation in Aspen to plant trees and protect the ecology and aesthetics of Independence Pass. They can be reached at 963-4959 or, Taylor and Piper FergusonSnowmass