‘No’ on library and hydro

Dear Editor:

I am asking residents to vote “no” on both the hydro and library ballot questions. I am asking you to vote “no” for no other reason than money. Money that you might have to work three jobs to have enough to live on in our wonderful valley. Money you are budgeting to pay for your children’s after-school activities like soccer, basketball, ballet or skiing.

The city of Aspen’s advisory question regarding the completion of the hydro plan is open-ended, allowing the city to spend whatever is necessary to complete this project. It has already spent the amount approved in 2007. No matter what budgets finance people adjust to pay for this project, it is our money. We should know the plan.

The Pitkin County Library has $5 million in endowment money to spend on improvements. In many places, $5 million could build a whole new library. It is disappointing to hear so many comment on the depressing state of a 20-year-old building. But it is their money to do with what they want. Good for the library!

The $10 million requested is directly connected to the canopy, which is deemed necessary to reinforce the city-owned parking garage. How much of the $10 million will the city use to fix water leaks that were never completely dealt with when the garage was first built? We should know the plan.

A “no” vote does not necessarily mean you do not support either the hydro plant or the library. But it can send a message to the city of Aspen that we want to know your plans for our hard-earned money.

Kim Vieira