No on C and D is anti-child |

No on C and D is anti-child

Dear Editor:Coloradans pride ourselves on our independent thinking. So let’s think through some of the claims being made about referendums C and D.We’re told that taxes are too high, that government bureaucrats and slackers are bleeding us dry to support an exorbitantly funded public sector. Yet Colorado ranks 50th in state taxes collected per $1,000 of personal income.Our spending is among the nation’s lowest in numerous categories, including prenatal care, children’s immunizations, probation officers, and both K-12 and higher education. High school graduation rates are falling, and the number of uninsured is rising. Funding has been slashed for mental health, drug and alcohol treatment, and hospital Medicaid reimbursement. Oh, and many of our roads and bridges are crumbling, while our Legislature is forced to transfer money out of maintenance and capital construction funds just to keep the lights at the capitol turned on.Low taxes are wonderful, but only up to a point. Truth is, we’ve simply stopped investing enough in our infrastructure and services, and our communities are suffering as a result.Feel free to vote no on referendums C and D if you don’t care about kids, schools, hospitals, roads and law enforcement. But don’t complain if there’s no one there to help when your illiterate children and grandkids can’t get into college, your roads aren’t plowed, and no one answers when you call 911.Russ ArensmanGlenwood Springs

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