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No on 4A

Dear Editor:

Must say I’m in full agreement with Gerry Terwilliger’s letter in The Aspen Times on Oct. 20 about voting NO on Referendum 4A.

I’m also in total disagreement with Kelli Smith’s letter in the Times and Aspen Daily News on Oct. 21 about voting for 4A.

By the way, Kelli, what town do you live in? The Aspen Times listed you living in Carbondale and the Aspen Daily News listed you as living in Basalt! You seem to believe that for $14.50 per $500,000 evaluation for one time will pay for a new recreation center; well far from it! That money will most likely be spent on plans, etc., before a spade full of dirt is turned on its construction. Your two little ones will have left the nest and married, and it still won’t be paid for, and taxpayers will still be paying for it.

Have you ever been to the Snowmass or Aspen recreation centers and used their facilities? Both are very nice, and yes, you have to pay for what they have to offer; they are not free. When our grand kids come to visit we take them to the Snowmass Recreation Center, and there are not many people there. From what I understand all the recreation centers are operating in the RED and have to be subsidized by tax money!

Please check your facts instead of your dreams, and enjoy your little ones while they are small; they grow up so fast! I will tell all my friends and neighbors to vote NO on 4A.

Chris Tessem


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