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No on 48

Dear Editor:

It’s times like these I wish I were old enough to vote. This upcoming election is by far going to be one of the most life-changing ones for the future of America ” either candidate that you vote for will change history. More important than that, though, are the aspects that affect us all locally: the proposed amendments. Many people don’t realize that it is crucial to research these amendments to discover your position on the issue ” regardless of the commercials’ skewed information. Specifically, I worry about Amendment 48.

I, among many others, have been at a loss for some time with the issue. I’m a moral person, and I feel that abortion shouldn’t be a way to cover up an irresponsible mistake. I also don’t feel comfortable with the fact that abortion is essentially legalized murder. However, with further research into this topic, it has become clear that the amendment isn’t just about banning abortion.

With the definition of a person being at the point of fertilization, any type of deterrent that prevents or destroys the fertilization is murder. This includes the common way of responsible intercourse between couples everywhere: birth control. In addition, women impregnated because of rape, incest or the unfortunate incident of a broken condom will have all rights confiscated from them because of Amendment 48, even if she is not healthy enough to have a child.

I urge all of you to vote no on Amendment 48. Although I can agree with many aspects of pro-life arguments, as I am sure many of you do, as well, this amendment is irrational and can turn precarious for women. It is important to realize that abortion isn’t just an immoral act, legalized by society. Ask any responsible person who has pursued one.

Hannah Goulding


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