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NO on 2C

Dear Editor:Everywhere I go I see lots of people huddling in groups and reading out loud. Being ever so curious, I can’t help but wonder, “What is everyone reading?”Then a head pops up, and with hot cocoa and whipped cream still stuck on their cheek, asks “Where and what number is the question on the ballot about the city’s recent approval and rezoning in Rio Grande Park to allow the construction of two new buildings to shield the recycling containers?”That’s an easy one. It’s Referendum 2C. The question asks: “Shall ordinance No. 22, series of 2006, be approved?” Then with big eyes, the next sipper of hot cocoa asks: “What is ordinance No. 22?”Another easy answer. Ordinance No. 22 was approved by the Aspen City Council to change the zoning in Rio Grande Park to allow construction of two approximately 20-foot tall buildings in the recycle center for the purpose of shielding the recycling containers from the new Obermeyer Place across the street.The third person pops up and asks, “Why does the city need to build two buildings in the recycle center to shield the recycling containers? … Can’t that be done with trees and berms just like the other side of the recycling center next to the trail? Do we really need two new buildings in Rio Grande Park?”I answer, “Of course we don’t need two new buildings in the park, a more beautiful and natural way would be to build berms and plant trees.” Plus almost $1 million of taxpayers’ dollars could be used for something else.But the best part of voting NO on 2C is that the current traffic design of two entrances and two exits would be saved. If the new buildings are approved in the recycle center by voters, there will be only way in and the same way out because the two new buildings will take away one of the current entrances.The last huddler looks up and says, “It’s easy. I am voting NO on 2C. Plant trees in Rio Grande Park, not buildings!”Next question?Toni KronbergAspen

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