No new tumors

Dear Editor:

A very big hello from the Netherlands. My apologies for not having been “on this planet” for a while. During my months of absence I was fully enjoying my life in the old-fashioned way.

I reached India early January, finally possible because of the positive workings of the dentritic cell treatment in Chile. The reason I left for India was to get human embryonic stem cell treatment. After a month of stem cell injections it became clear that the melanoma cells were such hard workers that the stem cells couldn’t keep up. The stem cells were and are still repairing my body. Then it was time again to switch over to radiation. For the month of February I was being “zapped” (radiation) in the abdominal area. A new Pet-Ct scan showed some new growth, including an old tumor growing again. This required my spending two additional weeks in India.

Finally I was “tuned” and ready to get back to the U.S. in order to finish the ski season. What an amazing feeling being re-energized and right back into doing what I love best ” that is, creating the best day ever for my students! Having two months of just living life without surgeries or treatments, just meeting fine friends, close colleagues and an amazing amount of supporters ” it was fantastic!

Great news … no new tumors!

At the end of April it was time for a new Pet-Ct scan at Valley View Hospital. My positive vibration sentence that I quietly rehearsed in my mind for the scan result was:

“Docs will say … we do not know why you had this scan taken ’cause we cannot find anything.” Well, I forgot a word in that sentence! At my meeting with the oncologist after the scan, he said everything I had wanted to hear except the word, “new.” So, what the doctor actually verbalized to me was: “We cannot find anything new; however, some of the old tumors are still alive and are the same size as they were in February. That is, they haven’t grown.”

I was stunned for a while … the positive vibration result had come true! It was probably more so because many of you helped me with this energy healing, emitting your own positive vibrations for my complete wellness. I plan to have a new Pet-Ct scan at the end of June here in Holland.

I would like to ask the community to help me create a new positive vibration toward my healing process. After the scan in June, I hope to hear the oncologist say: “Nothing new has popped up and the old tumors are dead!”

Please, before falling asleep tell the universe about Case and repeat his positive vibration sentence. I also visualize the tumors getting smaller in size and their Pet-Scan color will change from bright yellow to black. Yes, their light will turn off!

A big hug for all of you. Thank you.

H.K.Ronde, aka Case

Snowmass Village