No new airport access |

No new airport access

Dear Editor:

The Eagle County commissioners have asked the Pitkin County commissioners to support their request for $70 million of stimulus (taxpayers) money to fund the construction of a new interchange along I-70 to provide a new access to the Eagle airport. This is the biggest boondoggle in the recent history of expenditure of scarce highway money, even worse than the $11 million to be spent building three roundabouts at the I-70/Edwards interchange.

The airport is adequately served by interchanges at Eagle and Gypsum.

If the Pitkin County Commissioners were of a mind to support anything, here are some suggestions:

1. Funding for a new route for SH 82 through Glenwood Springs. If a disaster were to strike the bridges at Glenwood Springs, the only accesses to the upper Roaring Fork valley would be over Independence or McClure passes.

2. Four-laning of old US 6 from Dowd Junction to Gypsum, which would serve many more people than a new interchange for the airport.

With the prospect of even less money for highway improvements in the future, every request not related to improved safety should be scrutinized carefully.

Dick Prosence


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