No more mud |

No more mud

Dear Editor:I received the latest dirty slam against Gail Schwartz from the Lew Entz campaign, saying that since she lives in a million-dollar house in Aspen, she must be out of touch with the rest of us. They seem to think that a guy with mud on his boots will be a better representative in the legislature than someone who has been financially successful.And by the way, she moved there 32 years ago, so she’s not exactly a rich newcomer. How much more is your property worth now than it was 32 years ago?Gail Schwartz has been the Western Slope representative on the University of Colorado Board of Regents, an elected position, and before that served on committees and councils supporting education. She deserves better than this.It’s time for this district to decide how it wants to develop its future. What do you want for yourself and your children? If your kids want to continue ranching, more power to them. We need traditional agriculture to both provide our food and to preserve our open spaces. Personally I think there’s nothing more handsome than a hayfield, except maybe a hayfield dotted with grazing cattle.But if they want to do something else we need a representative that understands what that means. And that may require electing someone with a broader vision than Lew Entz has.I’m sick of the negative ads directed at Gail Schwartz. Notice that nothing from her campaign has been negative – she only talks about her ideas and values. Please look at what she represents – valuing education, improving health care, separation from Front Range water interests, a forward-looking view of the district’s future – and vote for your own interests instead of someone else’s.Please vote for Gail Schwartz and your future, and don’t be swayed by Lew Entz’s mean-spirited and untruthful attacks on an honorable public servant.Nancy R. VickerySalida

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