No more fireworks |

No more fireworks

Dear Editor:

As a Garfield County property owner and resident, and having lived through three local forest fires, the experience of driving by a roadside fireworks sale tent on Highway 82, while the county is under a total fire ban, seems insane.

Where a mere spark, lightning strike or untended burn pile can cause hundreds or thousands of acres to burn, including many homes, by accident, tempting people to break the law by legally buying fireworks, and then studiedly using them, can only end badly.

The county commissioners would readily spend county funds to eliminate falling boulders, washed-out roads and toxic spills to protect Garfield County residents. Why not eliminate the source of the fireworks?

A simple solution is for the Garfield County commissioners to use some of our county gas and oil payments to purchase the remaining fireworks inventory, buy-one-get-one-free at a reasonable price, eliminating a major county fire threat at its source, as a benefit to all Garfield County residents.

While this does not eliminate totally the danger of a fireworks-started forest fire in Garfield County, it goes a long way toward providing some peace of mind to Garfield County residents, that at least one potential source for starting a forest fire has been eliminated. Garfield County commissioners, buy out the remaining fireworks inventory, and let that vendor pack up his tent and move on, for the safety of all Garfield County residents.

The Garfield County commissioners also could direct the county sheriff to monitor the fireworks sales leaving the roadside fireworks tent, on the order of sobriety checkpoints or vehicle safety checks, for underage purchasers and/or illegal fireworks.

According to Colorado law, some types of fireworks are legal to possess, and others are illegal. Under Colorado law 12-28-101, any device that explodes or leaves the ground is probably illegal in Colorado. This includes firecrackers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, M-80s and Roman candles.

My two cents.

Dave Faulkner


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