No more bashing, please |

No more bashing, please

Dear Editor:I love the (Ajax) Tavern!Well, here we are again, somebody didn’t get their way so they go public and bash another fine restaurant (letters to the Editor, Dec. 11). Do we recall the C.C. letter?I have been in this town for 20 years and have seen the best and worst, or should I say tasted the best and worst, that Aspen has had to offer. After reading another whiner berate the Tavern over her precious mutt, I could not hold back these comments.I was not there, so I will not comment on the perceived actions of the hostess. But please lighten up! Maybe the hostess just lost a family member. Or … instead of her having the attitude maybe it was you. I’m sure once she said you could not bring your dog onto the deck you were polite and graciously understanding. NOT! Or, were you rude and quick to express how unfair the world was treating you that day? I’m betting it was the latter since you stormed off and refused to have lunch on the deck.Hence your self-indulgent letter about the unjust cruelties you faced that day.Please allow me to set the record straight about the new TAVERN.First, the changes they have brought to the menu are awesome. I eat there three days a week.Second, the staff is top notch.Third, if you have met Toody (sorry if I spelled it incorrectly), the manager, you have seen how he makes you feel as if you just stepped into his home. His honest personality, genuine smile and the personal care he gives to EVERY person who walks into the Tavern are what set him apart from most of the restaurant management in town. Even the kids get his undivided attention. His staff also reflects his lighthearted, but professorial ways, which are a refreshing change since many think Aspen has to be all zipped up and stuffy when it comes to dinning out.Please ignore the ramblings of the disgruntled doggy mom and take advantage of the new Tavern.Just tie your puppy up along the railing and enjoy your lunch. I’ll bet my puppy you won’t be disappointed.Tony WilsonBasalt

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