No ‘moral equivalency’ |

No ‘moral equivalency’

Dear Editor:In reply to Ms. Gray’s letter to the editor, I think she has it wrong when she says the problem is fear. The problem is not fear but wrongheaded “moral equivalency.” There is no “moral equivalency” between a democratic country trying to survive and a corrupt Palestinian Authority keeping its people in poverty, squalor and hopelessness. There is no “moral equivalency” between those who love life and those who live to die by suicide, killing indiscriminately as many women and children as they can. There is no “moral equivalency” between a country that had presented an equitable peace treaty to the Palestinian Authority and a leader (Arafat) who did not know how to say yes. Both Israel and the Palestinian people have suffered but suffering alone does not give one a moral position if it is the result of corrupt leadership (the Palestinian Authority) and evil means.When Ms. Gray is indifferent to the reality, on the ground it is only natural, people will react vigorously in support of a truer picture of the actual conditions.Mel GallantAspen

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