No misquotes on room rates, please |

No misquotes on room rates, please

Dear Editor:

It is great to see the vice president of the Aspen Skiing Co. supporting an accommodation tax in order to help pay for their marketing. As a relatively regular visitor to Aspen, we have no problem paying a 1 percent accommodation tax. But we would prefer to see it used to support the services and infrastructure we benefit from rather than going to marketing.

And if the tax is put in place, could we please have it included in the rates quoted by hotels, etc., rather than added after the fact, as done with most taxes. It is rather annoying to be quoted a rate and then, when the bill is presented, find that what you have to pay is higher due to taxes and other charges.

Thanks to everyone for another enjoyable visit.

Scott McKelvie

South Harting, U.K.

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