No love from Skico |

No love from Skico

Dear Editor:

I just went to renew my children’s ski passes for the year, and to say the least, Aspen Skiing Co. is out to get every last dime they can! From my understanding kids under 6 are free. But when I went in to get my kids passes I was charged $20 per pass. I even enrolled my kids in the Powder Pandas ski school program, for $380 each child, and still was told I need to pay this $20 fee. My wife then called up Peg over at Powder Pandas, and was informed we do not get charged for anything! Previous years we did not get charged as well.

I can only afford a one-day-a-week pass, so that leaves me no days to ride with the kids. Because anyone knows that I need a day for me to ride hard without the kiddos! What I am trying to get across here is that Skico needs to make their season pass more accessible for the locals! Come on, I miss a day for my one-day-a-week pass and I can’t transfer it to the next week, why? Why are they doing this to the people who make the valley what it is? It seems to me that they keep changing the pass program a little each year so no one really notices the changes.

Is the Skico trying to keep locals off the slopes, so their customers can have more of the mountain to themselves? Why are they gouging us locals who keep the customers happy? The lift lines are not smaller because of Skico hurting the locals; are they are smaller because of the economy? I moved here in 1994, and boy, do I remember the lift lines back then to be out the lift-line maze. Is it the economy or the fact that the experience to come here is costing the tourist way more money than it is worth?

And their lift operators need more training in loading and unloading of young and inexperienced snow-sliders! Had a rough day with our beloved Skico on Dec. 26, 2010, at the ticket pavilion and at the Elk Camp meadows lift. I know this letter will not even get recognized by Skico management but I suppose it was a release for me nonetheless. Thanks for nothing, Aspen Skiing Co.!

Sam Rondeau


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