No launching pad on path |

No launching pad on path

Dear Editor:

Sorry kids … but, much to the relief of many parents and local skateboard camp directors, there will be no speed bumps to launch off at the end of the skateboard, bicycle and pedestrian path leading to Aspen’s skateboard park from Galena Street (in between the jail and Rio Grande Community Building).

Many thanks to Aspen’s Parks Trail Coordinator Austin Weiss, Deputy Director of Parks Stephen Ellsperman and City Engineer and chairperson for pedestrian and bike safety Tricia Aragon, as well as the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails department for making a difference in the safety of the kids by adding striping to the path.

I know the kids are disappointed they didn’t get a speed bump to launch off, but maybe we can add a few jumps into the future skateboard park “watering hole” addition, when Aspen City Council takes up the improvements project to Rio Grande Park next year. Please keep in mind, this is not the same project as the civic master plan or ZG master plan.

Toni Kronberg