No kudos for Cohen |

No kudos for Cohen

Dear Editor:Perhaps just like retiring her Live Strong Wristband, Meredith Cohen should retire from her writing career (column, July 16 Aspen Times). Maybe it was too much time spent playing with her Rubik’s Cube or having conversations with her Cabbage Patch Doll that has left her so confused. Unlike those fads of the ’80s, the bracelets, for some of us, go way deeper.Sure, I am a cycling fan, as well as a cyclist, and as both am a fan of Lance Armstrong. But more importantly, I am a cancer survivor. I was lucky, mine didn’t spread, so like too many friends in this valley I didn’t have to go through the pains of chemo and radiation.But I still had to sit in the doctor’s office and hear those words, which is an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.So I wear a yellow wristband. I wear it so it reminds me, along with the scar that covers half my abdomen, that it is important to live every day. I wear it so it reminds me of my friends fighting this strange disease. And I wear it because I am a fan and a cyclist. So throw yours away, I’ll wear mine until it rots and falls of my wrist and then I’ll buy another one.Gag me with a spoon, Meredith, or better yet gag me with your column. Go ahead and sit on your couch and watch “American Idol” and OLN, I’m going on a bike ride.Jeremy BarbinAspen

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