No intent to denigrate |

No intent to denigrate

As vice president of the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Co. and School, and also because of my long involvement with ballet in Aspen, I feel that a response to Ms. Mary Ballou’s letter published in your paper on Friday, Aug. 2, is in order.

The article that caused Ms. Ballou so much consternation was written for publication in the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet program that is first distributed at performances of the Company’s annual Nutcracker each December.

The same program is used, with different inserts, throughout the year for every performance and, finally, as the jacket for the Summer Dance Festival.

Ms. White was writing the article in praise of the existence, at last, of a ballet company that lives and works in Aspen. There was certainly no intent to denigrate the history and development of the Summer Dance Festival.

My active involvement with ballet in Aspen began in the early ’70s and I, as much as anyone, am very proud of, and guard zealously, the history of ballet in this valley. If I thought that the referenced article damaged that history in any way, it would never have reached print in that form.

I am very sorry that Ms. Ballou interpreted the article in a manner that was never intended, and I do hope that she and her friends will read this and understand our intentions.

The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Co. and School is very proud to be the heirs of the long tradition of the Summer Festival and we plan to present dance of the highest quality for many years to come.

Richie Cohen


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